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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Mr Francis, I release you from prison.”

The man on the witness box slowly raised his head and lifted his until now lowered eyes.
When he looked towards the judge seated in the crowded courtroom which was packed to the gills with the people, their faces all full of utter shock and surprise, his eyes turned misty.
Copious tears streamed down and wetted his sunken bare boned cheeks.
In a voice choked with emotion, he mumbled, “Honourable Judge, but my term is not yet over. I have just served ten years. Why are you q me now?”

1As hushed whispers emanated from all corners of the court, Judge Willims lifted his gravel and slammed it on the his desk.
‘Ord.ler, order. I know for the crime you committed you are to be behind bars for life. But that crime for which I sentenced you for life was an ‘on the spur’ act committed under extenuating circumstances. And now I am releasing you because you prison record tells me that you that in these past ten years you have given more than you have re giving hfceived. The world is full of receivers but short of givers. You are am them.’
As Francis looked on, his still locked in utter surprise, the judge wrapped up stating, ‘ Even among those who are giving many are not6y5 loving. You are loving therefore you are giving.’
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