By Neel Anil Panicker
None could hold a candle to her.
In fact she was the one who was the candle forever lighting the path for others to follow.
Forever reaching out into the dark tunnels of hopelessness and despair and extricating them, those who had fallen off the grid, the ones whom life had given the short thrift, the unlucky Children of a Lessor God, the deprived and depraved, the demoralised and the dejected, one and all for whom life had become a living he’ll.
She would hold them, nurse them back to health, and like the Rock of Gibraltar, she would stand by them and help them stand on their own two fèet once more to claim their rightful places on the Earth once again.

Today, they all gather and light candles for one who was a flaming candle that had lit their lives.
#neelanilpanicker #candle #flash #fiction

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