By Neel Anil Panicker

That they were two of a kind was as clear as daylight.

A fire and ice combustible combination if any there were.

That they very shortly would end up as lovers and hit the sack was also an agreed. 

All this and more was very clear if one were to browse through their hitherto deeply encrypted WhatsApp and Google Hangouts accounts, that treasure trove of digital

trail that reveals more about a person that at times even his bestie may not be privy to.

But what baffled the police and all who knew Akshay and Karishma was the extent to
which they would go to keep alive the embers of passion.
Murdering their respective spouses was definitely a new low, even by the despicable standards of human depravity.
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6 thoughts on “neelwrites/sixsentencestories/agreed/flash/fiction/15/11/2018

  1. Very low, and there are those who take no road but the lowest.

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  2. Walking down that road can lead to no happiness. Karma will catch up to Akshay and Karishma one day. Tragedy awaits.


  3. UP

    Just when you think they’ve reached the lowest, they surprise you by going lower. Good six.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A little too well agreed, I’d say!


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