FOWC with Fandango — Parody

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 12



By Neel Anil Panicker

Two died in the wool supporters hailing from opposite ends of the political spectrum were having a heated discussion over what else but a cup of hot piping tea.

“He is a braggart, an over the top braggadocio, arrogance personified.”

Wait, what did you just say. Over the top. Well you are right, partly right that is.

Our leader is at the top, right there among the stars, glowing bright and shiny.

He holds the key to the future of this great country. Look at your leader! oops! so called leader__the perennial, perpetual, pernicious, perfidious forever rudderless, mindless heir in waiting. What’s his standing? Zilch. Cipher. Zero. He’s at the bottom. And all ye who still swear by him are doomed to go down a bottomless pit.

“Enough, dare you say not about our revered leader. At least he’s better than yours__ the one who all his life shouted from the rooftops that he came from the bottom but now refuses to alleviate the sufferings of the those stuck in the bottom. Instead, what do we see day in and day out? This conceited guy breaking bread, bear hugging, hobnobbing with the movers and shakers of the world, the ones who smell corruption with a CAPITAL C. Such a turncoat, such a …”

Stop. One more word against our leader and I will set the lynch mob on you.

How dare you speak against our leader. He’s a welcome rainbow on the parched earth, the key to the country’s golden future, the one who deserves, commands, and demands utmost respect. He’s warm as the Delhi summers, unlike your cold turkey of a leader who’s become a laughing stock, a walking talking parody, a train sans any wheels, and all you, merely sycophantic ticketless passengers unaware that you are being taken for the ride of your lives, a ride to nowhere.




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  1. Typical politically charged discussion.

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