Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 10 November 2018


By Neel Anil Panciker

‘Actually, it’s very simple. I love you, you love me. We want to get married. So, I see  no problem, right?’

Vikram looked into Isha’s eyes. They were earnest, in love, and as happy as a teddy bear’s. He didn’t have the heart to counter her. Nevertheless, he began.

“See my dear. We know that we love ourselves like crazy, that we can’t live without each other. But the question is does the world around us know that, and more importantly, does it care to even acknowledge, leave alone accept that.

‘But why do we even have to bother about the world?’, Isha persisted. It’s our lives, it’s we who have to live it, it’s to do with our happiness and joy, right’?

Vikram held her hands and said, his voice now all saturnine, “Listen, lives cannot be lived in isolation. We can never ever be islands cut off from the mainland. WE need to make a life in this society and world itself. Life and living is a sentence, however harsh it may seem to be that’s best lived and understood by mastering its alphabet, both vowels and consonants. So, beg, borrow, or steal, we, i mean the two of us need to buy their approval, or at least their acquiscence, so that our future does not end up complicated.

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