FOWC with Fandango — Repress


By Neel Anil Panicker

You say you won’t?

‘I can’t. Aks, i just can’t…I’

Is it all that impossible? All you need to do is take this tablet and…

‘I know. I know. I know that all I need to do is to dip this thing into a glass of juice and serve him. But still I can’t Akshay. I just can’t…’

Bring myself to killing him, right? Is that what your are telling me? That you’ve suddenly gone soft; started developing feelings for that slimy bastard. Is that…?

‘Nooooo! Nothing like that, Aks.’ 

Then what’s it, Simi? How long are you to going to repress yourself? How long are you just going to continue living the hellish existence that you are leading now doing nothing while that scumbag goes about enjoying life painting the town red every evening with a string of bewitching beauties as his arm candies?

Are you going to shut your eyes to all his shenanigans, his endless affairs, his near stop blitzkrieg of verbal and assaults, his utter nonchalance and contempt for the marital vows? Are you…?

‘No Akshay, my dear brother, that certainly is not the case. He deserves better. He deserves a better death__ a death where he would struggle for every breath, a death so brutal that he would wish he had never ever been born, an end whose ending is near endless…an end that he would beg for but one that he would not get so soon. After all,  he’s my husband and he deserves better’.






1 thought on “neelwrites/waitingforaworsedeath/TTC/FOWC/fiction/flash/07/11/2018

  1. Wow! She definitely has some repressed anger.


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