9 November 2018


By Neel Anil Panicker

First, they’ll will touch you, feel you all over, violate you in all possible manner.

Then, when they’re dead sure you’re dead or as good as dead, that you have zero feelings, they’ll hack you, cut you to pieces and do that over and over again until you’re reduced to a sorry spectacle, until you’re shorn of all ripeness and fruit and joy and all that had earlier made you human.

By then they would move, gleefully, onto their next target, for haven’t you heard the world and its backyard is a happy playground for all such sexual predators.


29 thoughts on “neelwrites/men,women,andmetoo/FridayFictioneers/flash/100words/07/11/2018

  1. A dark spin on the prompt Neel.

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  2. Powerful metaphor, Neel

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  3. That made grim reading – but what a take on the photo prompt! Well done.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  4. Dear Neel,

    Gritty allegory. Stellar use of the prompt.



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  5. Bleak storytelling this week, Neel but very well done.

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    1. Yeah, the stories are mostly bleak. Maybe, it’s to do with the prompt. Thanks Jilly

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  6. Alas all too true… maybe we need to make sure they have less wood to work with.

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  7. michael1148humphris

    Powerful words, and a great use of the prompt

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  8. Topical and dark. Well done.

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  9. Abhijit Ray

    Yes that is an utilitarian attitude. Value everything as long it can of some use. Then discard.

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  10. Oooo creepy as. Well written

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  11. God, that was a terrible grim piece, a really tough read, brilliant stuff well done!!

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  12. Deeply sad, but beautifully written.

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  13. There is some comfort in knowing that at least some predators are caught, proven guilty, sent to jail–a most uncomfortable place for a pedophile, especially.

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  14. Incredibly sad but very powerful storytelling.


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