By Neel Anil Panicker

‘I do know in our business you never say no but at least you should have consulted me once before committing yourself, Karim Bhai’.

The man seated across the table dropped his right hand to his knee, the index finger scratching furiously through the faded blue jeans before looking up to reply, “Hey, listen to me Rakesh, the call came after midnight. And it was a take it or leave kind of thing. Plus, the money’s good, damn good I must say, in fact good enough for you to clear off all your gambling debts and scoot this godammed city for ever.”

‘That’s really good news Karim Bhai. But all I was saying is you should postpone it for a week.’

“Oh is it, big mouth? Being paid, and that too handsomely for a hit is all that should matter to you, right? Pray, tell me what difference would that have made had we executed the contract seven days hence?”

Rakesh stabbed the burning end of the cigarette with his left foot and looked up before speaking, “that’s because I was all set to leave in an hour’s time for my annual week long darshan to Shirdi and now this…’

“I’m sorry you’ll need to postpone your train ticket to tomorrow morning as the  person who’s given us the supari is very insistent that we execute it today itself and that too before sun down and it’s exactly for that reason that he’s paying us almost thrice the market rate.”


5 thoughts on “neelwrites/thekillers/sixsentencestories/knee/fiction/flash/05/11/2018

  1. UP

    Glad you’re back.

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  2. Pat Brockett

    Good way to sneak in the prompt for the SSS and to keep your story going.

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  3. How i would hate to have to delay a trip for work. Not saying i wouldn’t if i had to, but i wouldn’t like it.


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