FOWC with Fandango — Extraordinary

April Pearson

Photo Credit: April Pearson


By Neel Anil Panicker

“I see a bad omen. What about by you, Angel?”

Angel waited for a moment even as she dug into the last of her pizza triangles, the few she had and quite sensibly so,  tucked into her inner baggy short pockets.

Then, reading very correctly that for once Reshma wasn’t indulging in mere rhetorics and the question did indeed beg for an answer,  Angel volleyed, “I see hope. I see goodness. I see some very dark clouds, but I also see a silver lining behind them all.’

Reshma’s eyes did a double take, its pupils dilating, a shell shocked expression forming on her otherwise not so saturnine face.

“Angel, you’re nothing if not extraordinary. How can you manage to stay so sanguine when we’re in the middle of a jungle miles away from civilization and when all we’ve been hearing for the past four  hours are the terrifying shrieks and shrills of wild animals?”

Without batting an eye Angel looked at her best friend and past her at the young boys, both her age, and all school mates, before replying, “That’s because all you see is a rainbow but I see the sunshine that”s hiding in plain sight behind it.”

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  1. Pizza is usually enough to keep me happy too.

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