FOWC with Fandango — Tantrum

Three Line Tales, Week 144

Goblets and more…

three line tales, week 144: people on a bath through fields of red bushes

By Neel Anil Panicker

Halloween’s come and gone, the ghosts__red, blue and purple__have been put to bed and the goblins, including all the myriad colours they come in, have done the disappearing act but if there is one thing that’s remains constant that’s little Nancy and her terrible tantrums.

While her play way mates squeal and shout themselves hoarse in sheer delight as they view the undulating expanse of the beautifully laid out flower hill, all she yells is how high the climb is and that she’s too tired and that her legs don’t have it in them to move an inch further.

It is upto her mother to employ some other wordly ploy and oh boy does it work__she’s been running like crazy, scurrying up the gradient ever since she’s ‘learnt’ the blood thirsty Dracula has invaded the plains.

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