FOWC with Fandango — Center


By Neel Anil Panicker

The groans increased in their frequency; also their intensity.

Amol and Divya tossed and turned, twisted and twirled around in their bed, their eyes shut, but their minds still unable to find peace, quietness that was essential to slide into the arms of sleep.

Finally, as the utterly disgustingly inappropriate sounds reached a crescendo, Amol decided to take matters in his hands.

“Where are going? It’s well past midnight. Are you going to pick up a fight with the next door guest simply because his grunts and snores and groans and what have you are making it difficult for us to sleep in peace. I say let’s keep mum and after some time we will have grown used to this assault on our ears”

Amol turned the knob of the hotel room door and just before exiting, turned around and looked at his wife of a week before answering, ”Relax darling, you’ve guessed it wrong. I am simply taking a walk down the stairs, walk upto the front desk and request for a change of…”

Even before Amol could complete his rather long monologue, Divya hauled herself from the bed and rushed towards him half screaming, “Wait, my dear, I guess it’s in our stars__call it destiny or whatever. I will also join you. You can’t just leave me here all alone. After all, your are the centre of my universe”.

All Amol could do was smile and as the duo, arm in arm, trooped down the hall.

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