By Neel Anil Panicker

Mine, oh I give it to them staccato aka a slam, bam thank you ma’m’s my approach.’

Five pairs of eyes shot up and looked towards the corner couch.

It’s where Jayesh Dutta, the forty something six foot tall English Faculty, also ex- coach of a well known yesteryear Kolkata football club, sat__his  long legs spread out like a spider’s web__, his scruffy full bearded face plastered with an omniscient, bitingly nonchalant smile.

“Sir, pardon me but could you explain what you just said in a more simpler language?”

All attention gravitated towards the far left corner  where seated in his corner abode by the window that overlooked the street two floors below what was Sanjeev Kumar Singh, the forever betel chewing, politician bashing Mathematics Faculty.

Mr Singh cleared hos throat and responded, his rich baritone ala Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan booming all over the room, “In each and every class i teach to the best of my abilities, however it is now up to the students to learn and imbibe what I have taught and up their knowledge”.


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