By Neel Anil Panicker

‘You need to wear masks in order to get by in this world.’

It wasn’t the first time Professor Vikram was hearing such a sentiment. But coming from someone whom he had just met, and that too barely an hour ago, it did come as a surprise.

From across the table he looked across to Alia. She was still young, relatively of course, cheerfully pushing her thirties, had excellent academic credentials___a first class distinction, a Gold medallist boot, and that too in microbiology was no mean task___plus, a woman with a lot of spunk and chutzpah___short hair styled as the latest fashion and a giant arched dragon tattoo that ornamented the length of her nape was proof of that.

Fierce; born to rebel,’ he thought.

Why then? he wondered.

His mind a turnstile, he decided to unravel the mystery.

“But you didn’t need to wear a mask. As far as I see you are a woman of the world___ independent, strong, smart, and a thinking individual. You could have exposed him long, long ago, when…err … he did all that you say he did to you…”

‘Sexually violated me. True. I could have done that then. But I didn’t. And as to why is that so all I can say in my defence is that at times you need to just wear a mask and carry on and wait for the right time and opportunity to unmask the misdeeds of those who’ve made it their business to wear masks all their lives.”

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FOWC with Fandango — Fierce

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