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By Neel Anil Panicker

Ahmed dragged the jute bag towards the jagged edges of the cliff.

The effort proved too taxing; he soon found himself heaving; the pain in his chest that had subsided a week ago, now returning with increased intensity.

Sweating through his military green cotton shirt like a pig , he clutched his chest squarely with his palms even as thick droplets of perspiration oozed out of his temples in a slow zig zag manner much like the silvery white glacier that stretched out below him.

The mountains only helped exacerbate his medical condition.
A man of the plains, his body wasn’t acclimatized to the rigours of life 5000 metres above sea level.

He decided to change tack.
He opened the mouth of the bag and the placing it towards the slope, kicked it contents with all his force.

The co-relation of effort to reward, though, took some time.

And then it began to give fruit. He watched as the headless body of Thomas Kuriakose, senior pracitising lawyer of Kerala High Court tumbled out of the bag and fell like a ball of cotton deep down the folds of the thousand feet valley below.

He watched the gory spectacle, then slowly turned around, and made the slow trudge down the hilly slope.

His limbs ached as he walked. He even rested for a while under shade of of cedar tree, and then once he had recouped himself, he resumed his downward journey heading towards the village that spread lout like a green carpet ahead of him.

His eyes were now twinkling; his pursed his lips and even sang the opening lines of an yesteryear Bollywood song; his favourite number, of Kishore Kumar, the one whose voice he was crazy about.

He needn’t have worried anyone would hear him.

It was well past midnight, and that villagers of Koyencheri, the small hamlet that nestled the eastern fringes of the world famous Munnar mountain ranges were sleeping like there was no tomorrow.

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