By Neel Anil Panicker

If an alien were to lose his way and skid into Earth today, it would not be wrong for him to conclude that our Earth is full of bad men.

Pray, why would he think so?

The answer to that is pretty simple.

Look around you and you will find everyday proofs of our male badness.

And the credit for that must go to the Donald Trumps, the Nana Patekars, the Chetan Bhagats and the MJ Akbars of the world, the new age torch bearers of the ‘BOYS WILL BE BOYS SYNDROME’ that’s afflicted humanity through the ages.

These ‘illustrious’ men are joined to their hips by millions of other lesser known souls who through their antics forever ensure that the flag of wanton male bestiality always flies high and mighty.

Look around you, watch the evening news, browse through the world wide web and what you see is only talks and tales of bad men and their badder than bad antics; their umpteen acts of omission and commission guaranteeing eye balls and ensuring the worst manifestations of male chauvinism, bigotry and deeply entrenched patriarchal mindsets.

All this makes one ponder whether this is the reality? That the world is really full of all bad men? That there are no good men around?
Look around you and you will get your answers.

There is no dearth of good men around us. No shortage of those who respect and honour and treat women, be it at home or outside.

If that were so, if our beautiful world is a binary, of two kinds of men__the good and the bad__ why then is the bad overshadowing the good?

Well, the answer to that is the arrogance and sheer damn care attitude of the bad?

These are the bad men, who, when caught, exposed or spoken about by their ‘victims’, have the audacity and sheer brazenness and street smart chutzpah to strike back.

And retaliate they do either insinuating to the ‘past histories’ of their accusers, casting aspersions on their character, questioning their intent; alluding motives, also laying out threats, either veiled or explicit.

Or, by simply keeping quiet, believing in inverting the dictum and making it into ‘If speech is silver, then silence is golden’.

Silence___well that is the ultimate trump card of all harassers, molesters, rape accused,  and all those who mistreat women.

It is their biggest, most powerful weapon to be deployed to steamroll and bulldoze their way out of the sorry messes that they periodically land themselves into.

So, there it is, all these bad man guilty of bad conduct use silence to hack their way through the dense jungle of daily accusations of bad conduct against women.

My question here is not to the bad men out there and the tactics they indulge in a bid to wriggle their way out of the sorry maze of charges hurled against them.

My question is to the vast majority of good men out there?

What are you doing all this while? Is being good, respecting and treating women around you in an equal, nonpartisan manner enough?

My answer to that is a big NO.

This is not the time and place to merely do good and keep quiet about the bad that’s happening you.

No, that way you are just being good in a selfish, self satisfying way. This, your admirable and excellent conduct and behaviour towards women may make the world sit up and sing paeans about your gentlemanliness but at the end of the day you are not doing any good.

In fact by not standing up and supporting courageous women who have the guts to speak and expose the shameless acts of bad men, you, a good man is only encouraging and emboldening such bad men and their despicable bad behaviours.

The other day, I was watching television and to my utter dismay and disheartenment saw the great, good man Bollywood megastar the very venerable Amitabh Bachchan excusing himself when asked his views on the Nana Patekar-Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment controversy that’s playing out currently. Here’s what this good man said and I quote, ” Neither am I Tanushree Dutta nor am I Nana Patekar. So, it’s better you ask them”.

No Mr Bachchan, society needs answers from all good men and this is not the time to sit on the fence and give convenient, safe, neutral answers.

Your silence as the silences of all other good men only add to the arrogance of bad men. They only serve to increase their numbers.

I dare you Mr Bachchan, and I double dare all good men, and I triple dog dare all good men in this world to stand up and come out in full support of all women who show the courage to expose their predators.

And damn the timeline they chose to do so. And damn also their intent.

We, all good men must just be good and support all such women, or else risk being accused of turning bad ourselves.

#MeTooforgood #dogood #MeToo #832words

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