Three Line Tales, Week 141


three line tales, week 141: a face covered in neon-coloured splatters
By Neel Anil Panicker
“Sometimes we need to wear masks to unmask others’ masks”, declared Rajat as he bent over and looked deep into Radha’s eyes.

A trifle nonplussed Radha waited for the voices around their corner cafe table to subside before replying, “So, am I to infer from this is that you, who I know for the past five years, and you, to whom I am soon to be married to, is now wearing or sometimes does wear a mask with the sole objective of unmasking me?”

Rajat coudn’t believe what he was hearing and shook his head vigorously before composing himself and then stood up and left but not before replying, “the very thought that you could ever think that what I said was directed against you makes me wonder as to what kind of a relationship we have besides also making me wonder whether you really have been wearing a mask all this while, a clever mask that I have very hopelessly failed to unmask.”
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