Thursday photo prompt: Faraway #writephoto


By Neel Anil Panicker

Have you stood at the edge staring out into the abyss, your mind a turnstile, your hands and feet quivering with fear, simply unable to make up your mind, a nauseating sense of utter despair and despondency sweeping all over you?

Well, if the answer to that is a yes, even if it’s a tremulous yes, then let me tell you folks__you are not alone.

Welcome aboard the multitude who have felt the same at some point of their lives.

As humans we are wired to procrastinate, to dither, to wait and watch, to hold on to what we have or are, however unbecoming and uncomfortable the situation be.

And one need not be a hot shot Professor of Behavioural Psychology to figure out why that is so.


The answer is as clear as daylight: We prefer the conformity of the known to the indecisiveness of the unknown.
Our present, however unpleasant and disoriented it may be, is any day preffered over the sheer fickleness of the future.

Look around you and you will see living proofs of this kind of a mindset.
Students who prefer to stick to the same subjects that they have learned all through rather than stick their necks out and learn something  new, something that is way out of their comfort zone.

Spouses who hate one another but still stop themselves from breaking through the stranglehold of a non-existent loveless marriage instead of calling off the farce, calling it quits, and charting out an all new fresh path for themselves.

In fact I can go on and on, filling reams and reams of paper, laying down an infinity number of examples to further validate my contention, which is that people prefer dark to light not because they do not love the light but because they are more familiar with the dark however dark the darkness is. (pun intended).


So, coming to the chase, all I can say is that when standing at the edge and wondering whether to go ahead or not, one should go ahead for everything that is known to man today is because someone somewhere was brave enough to take that leap of faith and leap into the unknown.

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