By Neel Anil Panicker

“You can boil it, steam it, roast it. And guess what! It’s the best things for failing vision, low blood pressure and has a million antioxidant properties”

Manohar looked askance at his friend of thirty plus years and wondered whether the old man had crossed all limits and indeed turned senile.

“So, are you now telling me that you, a much awarded, rewarded, and Dean cum Senior Professor of Politics Science from that most hallowed of temples of Learning, St, Stephen’s College are now planning to spend the rest of retired existence growing pumpkins on a patch of land? ”

Professor Diwakar Deshmukh swept his right hand across his forehead flicked aside his shock of non-existent hair before replying,  “Revolutionary. Isn’t that it is?”

“Do you know that pumpkins have great power; that history is replete with tales of how pumpkins have started  major revolutions.”

An incredulous Manohar opened his mouth to say something but the professor cut him off with a brusque shake of the hand before continuing, “The stark truth is that though Britishers may have ceded power to the Americans in 1783 in the New World Order, it is their produce the humble pumpkin that holds pride of place and enters every single American belly even today. It is called ruling by proxy”

Unable to restrain himself Manohar shot back, “ So, in your grand scheme of things, you’d have people buy your pumpkins and you in turn will get to rule over them, right?”

As Professor Deshmuch nodded his head, Manohar could only smile back in acquiescence.

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  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    lol…great story


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