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By Neel Anil Panicker

Constable Bose flashed his torchlight inwards. As a beam of light ricocheted off a broken window pane, his bleary eyes caught what looked like human blood.

His mind went into a tizzy as he stumbled his way further in.  Something was wrong for sure. He needed to find out what exactly it was.

As his eyes got accustomed to the pitch darkness that surrounded him, he slowly turned his gaze all around. It was then that he saw it___first, a woman’s leg; then the upper torso; and then the face__a criss-cross of knife marks__,and above it the eyes__two black buttons staring shell shocked into the wooden ceiling above.

Despite himself, Constable Aniruddh Bose of Cochin City Crime Branch Unit half puked, his gut half spilling onto his all crispy white shirt.

Seconds later as his hands moved to the left, the lights caught another grotesque vision__the sight of a young girl, barely in her teens, bare armed and bare legged, sans any clothes barring a brown panty that was hitched down to her knees.

Her face too was knifed in similar fashion like the woman’s; her eyes too staring into space.

Bose puked for a second time that Friday evening.

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2 thoughts on “neelwrites/anddarkturnsthenight/detectivechackomurdermystery/sundayphotofiction/200words/01/10/2018

  1. michael1148humphris

    What a great title Neel, what a gruesome scene, I am glad that I am not a detective


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