By Neel Anil Panicker

“Mr Chacko,  now that you ask, and especially after all this has happened, I would like to believe that there’s more to Mr Peter than meets the eye”.
Detective Chacko arched his eyebrows and slowly crossed his legs under the table while keeping his gaze steady at the man who sat across.
“Pardon me, but could you explain what you just said, Father Stanley”?
The sixty year old Principal of St. Thomas Boarding School for Boys cleared his throat and began,” I mean he, that is Mr Peter was…er…a radical. As the Sports Coach here he wasn’t too bothered about whether his words turned up in the grounds sans their sports uniforms or not.
He was more concerned about whether they had bread with cheese, whether they were allocated separate lockers or not, or  even as mundane as what they were being for served for breakfast, or worse, whether they were being served breakfast or not.
He wasn’t even concerned about whether they played well or not.
What I have gathered, and this is entirely my opinion though it could also be the view of quite a few others as well is that he was a non-conformist, a person who considered himself not of this world.”
By now Detective Chacko had  crouched forward and was listening to every single word that was being uttered.
Father Stanley continued, ” Radical__that’s what’s the word that springs to mind that best describes him”.
As Father Stanley ended his near monologue, Detective Chacko nodded his head and wondered what kind of radical person was Peter to have murdered five young children under his care.

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FOWC with Fandango — Radical

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