That’s So Very Cheap
By Neel Anil Panicker
Cheap is a very cheap word in the way that it is so very cheaply bandied by one and all.
Nonplussed? Well, you should be, especially and more so, if you belong to that blessed category of denizens who never ever had to tug at the price tag of a product before loosening their purse strings.
For all other lesser mortals and by that I mean the financially challenged ever burgeoning classes who are nothing if not the striving, toiling masses, it is all about money, honey.
Should I go in for that spotless white shirt that would set me back by a few hundreds more, or would that gaudy resplendent large buttoned psychedelic shirt with the over sized collars do the job equally well, my mind mindful of the uplifting fact that it would make a much smaller dent to my already tottering finances?
Let me tell you a trade secret; a social secret that’s so exclusive that only a select few hallowed worthies are privy, and is that when it comes to making the right choice among a plethora of multitudinal options, the operative word that guides and goads the buyer’s decision making is cheap.
But here, and it is now that I come to my thesis, which is that though perennially cash strapped almost always are on the lookout for bargain sales that does not lead to the theory that cheap is cheap.
Meaning, just because I bought a washing machine dirt cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product.
On the other hand, I can cite innumerable examples of times when I and quite a few of my similarly ‘less endowed’ friends and colleagues have taken home what the world construed as ‘dirt cheap’ but later proved the naysayers wrong by performing much better than it’s ‘ pricier’ counterpart.
So, to cut to the chase, its time stop ascribing a negative connotation to anything and everything that is ‘cheap’.
It’s really a very cheap thing to do.
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FOWC with Fandango — Cheap

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