three line tales, week 138: an old television set

BY Neel Anil Panicker

Long long ago in time I used to belong to you but today I no longer do as your longings have changed but not so long ago you longed for me but then that’s a long, long story and I am not sure you would have any longing to hear it.

Still, there are times I still long for those wonderful times when I was the absolute centre of your attention, when you would huddle all around me, come rain shine, be it on long drawn sultry summer days or even longer cold wintry nights; when you would have eyes only for me and when the pupils of your eyes would dilate and constrict with every single antic of mine, when you would laugh and cry and scream and shout unabashedly, unashamedly, unfettered and with a joy and abandon that could only be called unadulterated.

But, alas! How times have changed and today you longer long for me as newer fresher, more capable and infinitely more eclectic suitors have caught your attention and you have moved away from me and I no longer hold the gravitational pull that I once had but still I know for sure that somewhere deep in the inner recesses of your heart still long for me and pine for my love for haven’t you heard that love and lovers may come and go but whoever forgets one’s first love.

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Three Line Tales, Week 138

Three Line Tales, Week 138


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