This story is written for multiple fiction writing prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Smart

By Neel Anil Panicker

From the shadows Detective Chacko watched the two boys, barely out of their teens, one sporting a bright red bandana bedazzled with several silver stars that glittered eve more under the glare of the florescent street lamps; the other much thinner but with a scar that ran across half his left face; a distinctive knife slash and also one that gave him a menacing look, as if her were a wild boar what with his dark as the Devil himself skin glowing brighter than a thousand watt bulb.

Definitely not chalk and cheese;  much like a pair of Siamese twins made of the same block, mused Chacko as he arched his back slightly against the stony walls to get a better view.

Half a breath later, the neon lit front door of Charlie’s All Night Cafe burst open and a man, tall and wearing a felt hat, one of you see in those American cowboy gansta movies of an era long gone by, stepped out and walked towards the two boys.

‘See man, don’t play smart with me, man. What weather, feather…look you arse holes, me no friend…strictly business…show money, I give trip…okey”.

Ten feet away Chacko strained his ears but wasn’t very sure he picked up all that was said.

All he knew and cared for was that seconds later when the street was empty all over again, a transaction had taken place and that the drug scene was truly alive and kicking in Kochi, and that ‘Abraham Lincoln’ was back in business.

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