ILLICIT LOVE (genre/realistic fiction)

By Neel Anil Panicker

The moon’s rays formed black and white stripes on the wet surface.

Under its fragile glares, Amitesh looked into Shabnam’s eyes as his hands disappeared into the undulating contours of her body.

“You were in such a tearing hurry that you forgot to even wear your long johns.”

Amitesh’s lips moved in fast and quietened her with a kiss.

An hour later and their hunger satiated, the two sat down on the half wet cemented floor of the roof top terrace and gazed into the distant near darkened skies.

“If wish we were birds; then we would just flap our wings and take off to a distant land. Then our lives would not be as fragile as it is now”.

Amitesh turned around and gazed at the love of his life, and then nodded his head.

He knew what she meant; knew how desperately she wished to get out of the hell holes their lives had turned into.

‘To hell with society and it’s arcane mores, ’ he spat the words out in the dark.

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