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FOWC with Fandango — Prism

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL (genre:literaryfiction)

By Neel Anil Panicker

Ram Bahadur never took his 24/7 job as a hostel cook at St. Paul’s Residential School for Boys lightly; for him it was as important as the Office of the ‘most powerful man on the Earth’.

Managing single-handedly a full fledged canteen for an universe of 200 plus students even while catering to their every whim and fantasy, wish and command___be it tomato soup for one with just the right dash of condominents, boiled to the precise temperature, or ensuring the varied lunch time demands of both vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and also the eggetarians are met to their complete satisfaction was a daily nee hourly task that required it’s fair share of tight rope walking.

Adding to the misery was the heart crushing reality that there was no help coming his way, none to act as a supplement in his daily quest in dishing out delectable delicacies, especially so after an assistant that was provided to him by the School head honchos did the disappearing act a couple of months ago, finding it a “beggar’s job___utterly thankless and unrewarding’.

Unmindful of all this, the sixty year old prodded on, serving one gourmet delight after another, living and breathing the dictum__service before self.
Life, as he looked at it, was one big canteen in which some were born to serve and some to be served.

That’s what was that kept him going, ensured that that perennial smile that lay plastered on his pale aquiline face never diminished or lost its luminosity.

That’s the prism through which the man who left the mountains half a century ago and made the plains his home looked at life.

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3 thoughts on “neelwrites/chickensoupforthesoul/flash/fiction/TTC/SixSentenceStories/FOWC/283words/14/09/2018

  1. UP

    good use of alliteration good six.

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  2. He no doubt found the happiness that comes from serving others and enjoyed the blessings of hard work and having a positive attitude. Those who always expect to be served, yet are unwilling to serve never know that kind of joy.

    Great message in your SSS.

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