FOWC with Fandango — Game




By Neel Anil Panicker

Two minutes into the class, and boredom’s already set in.

I mean, tell me, whoever sits through a two hour class on English Grammar?

‘Preposition’ _ that’s what the bald as an eagle man who looks closer to my grandfather’s age,  and with a perpetually irritating smile on his deeply criss crossed visage grandly announces is the Topic of the day as if her the great Mr M himself rolling up his sleeves and announcing Round Two of ‘The Great Indian Musical Currency Game’.

Get that, Preposition! Hey, wake up buddy. Parts of Speech was what I did aeons ago when I was still trapped inside half pants and had the hots for our English teacher, the delectable Miss Esther, the mesmerizing apparition who when each time she opened that mouth of hers gobbled every one of our nubile hearts.

And God! Did she move! She had the thing and brought in the much needed zing to my adolescent life.

Anyways those were the times, and here I am, Circa 2018, and staring at the white board where Andy Sir, (though he goes by the street name Turtle, (and don’t ask me how the heck did he landed up with that), is explaining the pros of using ‘at’ over ‘in’. Also, the cons of not using both.

After sometime, turtle turns around and espouses, ” You can’t teach anyone Preposition. Either you know it or you don’t.”

Dammn’t!  Then why the fish is he here?

In exasperation I turn around and bingo__there’s ‘Miss Curves.’ Our eyes meet from two rows and a corner away.

I smile. She returns the favour with a ‘Priya Warrier wink’.

And lo! My heart sinks.

I mouth that I like the undulating folds of her crepe top. She protrudes her full lips__ I spell that as ‘creep’.

Unmindful, I volley back with another radio chatter__ our very own Morse Code.

The class move’s at a turtle’s pace; our lust quicker than Usain Bolt’s.

B-School or no B-School, I’ve seen the light, and oh boy, am I glad!!!





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