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Written for multiple prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Comprehensive

THE CONTRACT KILLER (genre/crimefiction/thriller)

By Neel Anil Panicker

The usher, a smart young man in an even smarter red and black gold suit who looked handsome enough to be mistaken for a famous Hindi film hero smiled in recognition and raised his arms to his chest in a half military salute. It was a comprehensive gesture, one that deserved an acknowledgement.

Charles tipped his hat as he walked past the revolving doors, but not before slipping in a neatly coiled hundred rupee note into the usher’s left coat pocket.

Inside Wait Until Dark, the downtown café that stayed alive well past Cindrella hour, was a hallapalooza of activity. Cigarette smoke, couples, young and old, dancing to the latest foot tapping music, the air filled with the aroma of deep driven desires, longings and expectations, and the ubiquitous merry go around of liveried waiters with trays filled to the edges with a host of goodies, both of the solid and the liquid varieties.

Charles stood there for a moment, surveying the crowd.

He spotted the usual suspects: Good old Jimmy was at his usual corner table next to the open kitchen; gulping whisky on the rocks from an over sized glass; two rows away seated around a round table were silver tongued Jackie and to his left was Ronnie the Jackal who had his arm wrapped around Sophie the junkie, who oblivious to the raucous laughter and general all around boisterousness was snorting away to glory straight off a half crumpled silver.

Lobo’s eyes swept the place like a broom. Seconds later, they twinkled as if  they had spotted something, or was it someone, for he was off in a jiffy, hacking his way past the dense maze of drugs and alcoholic beverages towards the secluded area where entry was strictly by invitation only.

In no time he was inside__ a nondescript semi-darkened single room sans no chairs and tables.

A voice was from a curtained separation six feet away boomed, “Welcome brother, you’re just in time for the party.”

Master contract killer Charles Fitzgerald Lobo knew he was a heartbeat away from a fat cat pay cheque as he headed towards the direction of the voice.





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