BLACKMAIL (genre/crime fiction)

By Neel Anil Panicker

The sound of car tyres screeching on the rough asphalt made Rita sit up.
He was going out, again!
The third time since morning; his first after the threat.

The word ‘threat’ made her break out in cold sweat.
She bolted upright, raised her arms and extricated the half emptied whisky glass from the bed table, and swallowed its contents in one swig.
As the searing liquid rushed through her throat, it singed her lungs and she felt raw molten heat invade  her inner self.
Instantly, her body began to shake uncontrollably.
After what seemed an eternity and much after she had downed another glass of whisky, this time minus the appendage of any colourless water added to it, she got up from the bed and after a long cold shower, sat down with a cup of steaming coffee only to contemplate at the situation that was plaguing her.

What was it that he said he would do to her? Circulate her intimate photographs? Put it on porn sites? Make sure the whole world sees it.
Rita puffed vigorously into her cigar taking deep breaths as she did so.

The slimy blackmailing bastard! 
He had the audacity to threaten her.


Red hot rage burned inside her and Rita pursed her lips; and as her nostrils flared she tightened her grip on the glass, ultimately breaking it into two.

As the shattered shards of glass fell onto the tiled floor, its remnants spilled and formed little pools that glared at her under the reflection of the revolving chandelier.

As Rita stared down at the mess that had formed under her feet,  a resolution began to take birth in her mind.
He will pay; yes, Vishal surely will have to pay heavily with his life for having made the threat.
Now, it was all a matter of logistics__the how and when of it___whether he would drown to death, or accidentally fall down the stairs, or find himself leaving the Earth with a noose around his neck, or worse, gulp down a glass of rum mixed with snake poison.
As her mind raced with the various possibilities, another thing also competed parallelly alongside to gain her attention: the slight matter of the inheritance that Vishal would leave behind were he to die in the immediate future.

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Three Things Challenge, 01 Sept 2018

Today’s things are: poison, noose, inheritance


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    Great story

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