By Neel Anil Panicker

Though unlettered he still loved to call her his Venus.

One night, in the initial months of their dating, she had disclosed to him her deep interest in Greek Mythology, especially about Greek Gods and Goddesses. He had listened with rapt attention as if he were a budding scholar, and then at the end of the monologue, announced that henceforth she was to him his Venus__ the Goddess of Love.

Now, staring at the limpid blue ocean waters, his mind’s in limbo, the thoughts all frozen in a time capsule whose keys lie tossed around in the choppy seas of life.

A seagull hovers above the tidal waves; somewhere in the far horizon a fisherman’s boat fades into oblivion; a sudden swish of the breeze carries forth more wind and salt; besides, an avalanche of deadened memories.

As the slow night advances and shadows crawl all over his frail body, Prashant uncorks the bottle and caresses its mouth with his lips.

It would take a while; forgetting her, he knows, would not be that easy.  

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Three Things Challenge, 28 August 2018

Today’s things are: Venus, ocean, frozen

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