(Genre:Realistic Fiction)

By Neel Anil Panicker

She’s the antithesis of a politician.

Well read, articulate, with an accent to boot.

Quiet__it’s the modifier that best describes her.

That ways Atishi, her first name, is a total mismatch.

My pigdin reservoir of Hindi (or is that Urdu?) tells me its English equivalent’s fireworks.

That’s another universe away.

A name mismatch if there ever was one.

Why then, did she drop the Marlena, I wonder.

Her answer’s in poetic form:

Mirror mirror on the wall,

who’s the cruelest of them all

The ones demanding that I drop my name?

Or, the ones questioning why I dropped my name?

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31 August 2018

REF NOTE: AAP hits out at Delhi chief secretary and Centre over CCTV project

AAP leader Atishi Marlena drops last name, party denies forcing her to do so

While Atishi’s Twitter handle has changed from @Atishimarlena to @AtishiAAP, her name has also been amended on the AAP website.



20 thoughts on “neelwrites/anamebyanyothername/FRidayFictioneers/realisticfiction/shortstory/india/politics/29/08/2018

  1. Dear Neel,

    This one sort of sales over my head, knowing nothing about India or her politicians. I suppose it’s time I learn, eh? As always your writing is well done.



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    1. No, don;t be sorry at all, In fact i should be the one apologising for burdening my dear blogger friends with a realistic flash that is India centric.
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation Rochelle.


  2. Loved the first 2 lines – very true in today’s world.

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  3. An intriguing and light-hearted look at the power of names to influence others. Great take on the prompt!

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  4. I guess what she does is her choice, and has a right to do so without being questioned about it.

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  5. so I wonder why she dropped her last name?
    and then the demanding vs wondering left us a thinking….

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  6. When you give a thing a name, you acquire power over it. Interesting story, Neel

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  7. Intriguing story, Neel. Well done.

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  8. I’m sure there is a lot more behind this than I know or understand. Well written, as always.


  9. I really liked this and learned something new from it.


  10. Had to google her, so she was named by her parents after Marx and Lenin. And I see the complexity of the issue, the last two lines say it all.


  11. Also coming from a place of ignorance, here. But so interesting, that this mirror prompt caused both you and Rochelle to focus on identity issues, and more specifically on changing your name under pressure!


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