By Neel Anil Panicker

Seven year old Animesh held the octopus shell in his tender hands, gently caressing its soft hollow, imagining in his mind’s eye the eight long tentacles of the sea creature.

Coming to the fair was turning out to be a delight, the ‘no milk, no street festival’ threat of his mother notwithstanding.

‘Momma, can I have this?’ he shrieked, his squeal reverberating all around the jam packed village road.

Lisa, who was inspecting a cute tote bag that had caught her fancy, turned around and matched his effervescence, “Why not, sweetie! Now go ahead and see what else delights you.”

#neelanilpqanicker #flash #shortstory #ThreeThingsChallenge #100wordwednesday

For multiple fiction prompts:

Today’s things are: tote, octopus, milk

100 Word Wednesday: Week 85

100 Word Wednesday: Week 85

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