sun caught in trees

By Neel Anil Panicker

The sun streaked past the tall cinder branches and fell on the ground below. As if in acknowledgement, but  more so in gratitude, Stella lifted her tender feet and flung herself onto the skies; the sun kissed early morning air forming dew drops on her pink cheeks.

For the next hour or so she pirouetted and pranced about, arching and bending, twisting and turning her limbs about in sheer gay abandon as if she were a peacock preening and prancing about in blissful abandon in the middle of the jungle without a care in the world.

This was she; this was what she breathed and lived for; what she had dreamt about and wanted all these years.

This secluded path of land arm’s throw away from civilization was her own; her own exclusive dancing school. Over here she was not bound by any diktat. Here there was no reservation and boundaries as to what she could do and how, and for how long. Here there were no flower pots laid out for her to police her steps; no one keeping a hawkish eye on her, reprimanding her for every alleged false step that she took.

Here there was no master dancer, no sadistic martinet who insisted that everything went by the book, no one whose words read like stereo instructions, none who demanded nee ordered everyone to wake up and dance at a preordained time, who controlled your every single breath and thought. None who thought of himself as the final authority on all matters, dancing or otherwise.

Phew! Was she glad she’d left that all behind, forsaken that life negating regimen and broken free?

As if in answer, Stella folded her hands one final time; then she lifted herself upwards, thrusting her slender five feet two frame into the air, her body bending backwards as it arched up and reached out into the skies in obeisance to the sheer beauty and benevolence of Nature.

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Thursday photo prompt: Caught #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Caught #writephoto

Three Things Challenge, 24 August 2018

Today’s things are: flower pot, stereo instructions, dancer


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