By Neel Anil Panicker

Gavin Smellie hated his new environs. At 52, with over two decades of a hardcore criminal life behind him he expected a little more respect from the authorities.

That evening as he stepped out of his barracks and looked upwards, his eyes closed shut as the harsh rays of the mid-October sun pierced onto his gentle skin, sending a searing pain that shot all through the innards of his all bones physique.

He hated the humid weather; dry he could bear; but not the sticky something that clung to his skin like leech__sucking and sapping away all energy from his fast enervating self.

Move on! He heard a gruff voice shout out from behind.

Gavin turned around only to see a greenhorn prison guard jab the butt of his rifle at his bottom.

He quickened his pace and began to take long strides along the perimeter fence, the only 15 minute outing that was allowed in the entire day at Kochi Central Jail, Kerala.

‘Excessive! Isn’t it?’, a voice whispered into Gavin’s ears.

#neelanilpanicker #fiction #novella #173words

Written for multiple writing prompts:

Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 18 August 2018


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