First Line Friday: August 17th, 2018

Our line for this week is:

The sun simmered red as it slunk towards the jagged horizon.


By Neel Anil Panicker

The sun simmered red as it slunk towards the jagged horizon.

Watching its slow inevitable fall, the ever fading out orangish tinge  leaving behind ever lengthening shadows on the hill that overlooked her corner village cottage, Elena was suddenly overcome with a deep sadness.

Soon a thick blanket of emptiness enveloped her.

And ensconced within it she found herself once again getting sucked into the vortex of memories.

Memories of yesteryears, memories of a life lived in perpetual longing, memories of Lindoh, the love of her life and the cause of her life’s misery.

Puffing into yet another drag of her cigarette__her sixth of the night, and the night for her had just begun__, she allowed herself to slink deep into the cesspool of bitter memories.

And shortly thereafter, the thoughts, bitter and biting came, in one never ending avalanche of scathing sorrows that was enough for her to see the face of death; enough nostalgia to carry her through the next seven odd tortuous and torturous hours until the arrival of the first rays of the morning sun.

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