SPF August 12 2018 Fandango 1

By Neel Anil Panicker

As the soap slipped out of his hands he lunged forward in a vain attempt to grasp it but in the process his wobbly legs, shorn of all energy gave way and with one resounding sound he fell on the rough stony floors.

His skull cracked open, soon blood and bile formed all over and smeared his naked body.

With one monstrously loud agony filled shriek that reverberated all over the wide, high ceilinged walls of the century old Malabar Catholic Church, Father Benjamin Mathews woke up in his heavily bedecked velvety bed.

It took a while for him to reorient himself; for his heartbeats to get back to an even keel, for his mind to get back to normalcy, for him to achieve some measure of sanity, and when he did so the sixty-eight year old bishop simply stared into the intricately carved gold and silver embroidered wall mirror that hung from the wall opposite him.

It was then that he saw the face of horror__raw, primal fear stared back at him.

His senses and body in a limbo, he lay there, absolutely unmoving; then, after a while, he slumped down, his body curled up in a foetal position.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – August 12, 2018


4 thoughts on “neelwrites/horrorunfolds/SundayPhotoFiction/Sixsentencestories/fiction/novella/200words/3/08/2018

  1. A manifestation of his inner demons and evil past. Good stuff Neel.


  2. UP

    Pretty dark stuff. Good job.


  3. Fear and horror of the past and the future appears to be evolving more quickly than he ever expected.
    Well written.


  4. Oooh, you went there! Dark, and nicely done.


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