Sunday Photo Fiction – August 5 2018

Three Things Challenge, 07 August 2018

Today’s things are: orange grove, bee, Jack Frost


SPF August 05 2018 James Pyle 1

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘It’s our new retreat. You’ll simply love it here’, her father had said the previous night when the three_ she, he, and his third wife in as many years __, had arrived for what he termed was an ‘escape’ whatever that was supposed to mean.

This air’s still chilly as eight year old Sarah steps out gingerly, her feet, all bare and pressing against the dampness of the earth. A bumble bee whizzes by.

Her gaze lingers onto the vast grounds that abutt her poppa’s country house; then hovers for long at the orange grove that lies beyond, the one that she’s been promised a visit when, hopefully, the sun’s up and shining.

However, right now, the trees are cloaked in an icy sheath even as their long leaves turn into vaporised sequined jackets. It’s a Jack Frost all right and as the last wintry song’s being played in the silver streaked clouds, Sarah’s heart is a steady drumbeat, a percussion to the birdsongs that waft through the languid air.

Winter’s on its last leg’ and soon it would give way to bright sunny mornings.

Sarah sighs and hopes then some of the warmth would also seep into her life.

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