FFfAW Challenge – 173rd

Three Things Challenge, 06 August 2018

Today’s things are: gorgeous, blue-eyed, apple orchardaugust-2018/


By Neel Anil Panicker

Whatever little time that Grace spent in the apple orchard, while on her way back from the landlords’s mansion after an entire day spent cooking, cleaning, tending to the garden, ministering to every single missive of the seven member strong Richardson family were a godsend_ her biggest stress buster.

There, she would hear the sound of water gushing through the small stream that snaked its way behind the wilderness, and then gaze upwards at the azure skies, at the string of gorgeous blue eyed pearl shaped white as snow doves that winged their way in perfect V formations. She would gape with wonderment as arrow shaped wings sliced past the evening sky leaving behind white silky formations on an increasingly fast turning golden skyline.

As the bubble of birds flapped their delicate wings, she visualised their soft hearts inside ‘oh so fragile’ bodies sucking in the fresh air of freedom as they wafted by, eager to embrace the long night ahead.

It was then that she wished she were one such bird that had triumphantly managed to break through the caged mundanity of her wretched existence and was soaring the high skies.

#neelanilpanicker #FFfAW #ThreeThingsChallenge #flash #shortstory # gorgeous #blue-eyed #apple orchard

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