Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!


Three Things Challenge, 05 August 2018

Today’s things are: circus, carnival, freak show



By Neel Anil Panicker

It took a while but by the time Anderson realised what was happening, the carnival__ yeah, that’s what they had the temerity nee shamelessness___ to call it, had developed into an utter oddity, a crazy freak show if you may.

Men and women, even children, some of whom as young as three years old__their monstrous ill- formed bodies, most with an arm or a leg missing, a few with eyes that bulged out of their sockets, all bare boned with faces that screamed famished with a capital F__were paraded in and out of low pitched conical tents in one never ending circus.

Signs of debauchery thrived inside each such tent (and they were a dime a dozen that horrendous mid-summer’s night in the Arabian desert) where resting in cushy comfort in king sized silken beds and surrounded by dazzling red lipped nubile damsels in shimmering low cut dresses that revealed more than it concealed were the spoilt rich brats of the Kingdom, the ones whose families boasted of dollar sprouting oil wells and who flew around in deluxe private jets indulging themselves in a manner that they only knew best__the no holds barred hedonistic existence of the depraved.


Turning down yet another ardent request of his host to partake of the goodies that were at disposal that beautiful moon lit night, David crept out of his tent.


If this was how business was conducted in this part of the world, to hell with the rigmaroles; he would rather be rearing his father’s sheep farm in Kansas that break bread with such immoral people.

Having so made up his mind, David Richard  Attenborouh, the 21 year old scion of the world renowned Attenborough Group made a dash for the airport without so much as shaking hands with his would be ‘benefactors’.

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3 thoughts on “neelwrites/anightofdebauchery/ThreeThingsChallenge/300words/06/08/2018

  1. UP

    Good for David.

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  2. valj2750

    Strange and provocative story. Life always gives us choices, doesn’t it?

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