By Neel Anil Panicker

The inmates were served food that was bland to say the least.

Watery porridge in the mornings, two pint sized chapattis alongside week old dried out mango pickle, with dinner comprising of a handful of half cooked yellowed rice that looked as if it had been extricated from an ant hill.

This combined with the cramped living spaces that were sans any electricity added to the misery.

The periodic beatings by the wardens added to the misery.

Meat loaf, the bastards, that’s what they have,’’ spat out Amber in anger, the small whites of his eyes blazing in the pitch black darkness.

‘Not to mention the daily intake of hot and sour chicken and vegetable soup, and the endless round of fruits___delicious mangoes, oranges, bananas, apples et al__that they gobble up further fattening their already fattened rotund selves every single day.’

Vishal nodded his head even as Manish vented his spleen. He was right, they were right__they, all the 22 inmates of Angel Hearts Home of Orphans were absolutely justified in their indignation of the dismal conditions in which they lived.

In the dark, surrounded by his fellow inmates, they who looked up to him for guidance and succour, Vishal, the eldest of them all, made a decision: he would take recourse to stealing.

‘If they didn’t give them what was rightfully theirs, then it snatching it away was the only option left. And damn the consequences, he surmised, as his jaws tightened and teeth clenched as if in resolution.

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Three Things Challenge, 31 July 2018

Today’s things are: meat loaf, soup, stealing


1 thought on “neelwrites/idemandmydailybread/flash/ThreeThingsChallenge/shorttsory/02/08/2018

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Good story…a little Oliver Twist-ish


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