Friday Fictioneers

3 August 2018


© Sandra Crooks

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘You’re a fence sitter, always have been.’

Thomas reads aloud the morning newspaper’s front page headline__“Temple or Mosque? SC prefers Status Quo”.

Heena stares at her husband’s poker face of two score years. The sight’s enough of an irritation for her to vent her spleen.

She checks herself at the nth moment, and walks away.

‘Tea, that’s what he requires before his brain cells start to work, before he takes a decision’, she reasons.

‘So, are we going for my cousin’s wedding or not’ she resumes, slamming the tea cup on the table.

“Court’s right. At times mum’s the word”.

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REF: This story i wrote basing it on the festering dispute in India over the Ramjanmabhoomi versus Babri Masjid issue that has led to the Supreme Court stopping itself from giving a clear verdict. Hence, the over two decade long status quo still remains.

Babri Mosque prior to its destruction in 1992

15 thoughts on “neelwrites/fencingaround/flash/shortstory/fridayfictioneers/100words/02/08/2018

  1. The wedding will be long over before he makes up his mind, I fear.

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    1. True, some people adopt this stragey; believe no response is the best response.

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  2. I like the double meaning of fence in your story. Heena will have her way, though. Thomas may be better at verbal fencing, but she’ll out-think him. Nice story.

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  3. Fence sitting may work for birds, but not for bridegrooms.

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  4. gahlearner

    Looks like they both know each other very well. Sitting it out never really resolves anything though. Interesting information about the back story, too.

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  5. Dear Neel,

    It sounds like he’d better make up his mind soon. Nicely done.



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  6. I got the feeling at first that the cousin’s wedding ceremony might be held in the new temple, that is proposed to be built on the remains of the mosque! I guess this would likely postpone the wedding indefinitely, so the husband’s decision could likewise be postponed.😊.

    Reminds me of Jarndyce v. jarndyce, in Dickens’ Bleak House. Doesn’t make the legal system, or lawyers,look especially good, this kind of ever receding, ever evasive, far from courageous justice. And what a terrible loss of life!

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  7. The back story threw clear light on your take. I also thought of Bleak House and the pathetic Miss Flyte, spending years in Chancery with her caged birds, patiently awaiting a decision from the court.

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  8. michael1148humphris

    Well told, Neel Religious thuggery, is the very worst kind of evil.


  9. An interesting peek into a real life event, cleverly crafted.


  10. The arrogance of silence. Sitting on fences only gives you painful splinters.


  11. Interesting history cleverly presented.


  12. Interesting background to the story. As far as your story goes, I prefer it when people say what they mean and mean what they say. Fence sitting is no way to communicate! Nicely written.


  13. Such an interesting read. Clever piece.


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