Today’s things are: mattress, golf ball, green


Today’s things are: mattress, golf ball, green


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Mr John, you mean to say he held a couple of  golf balls in his hand when you last saw him. What time did you say it was?”

This was the second time  Detective Chacko had asked that question this Friday morning in the past two hours, albeit to three different demographic groups.

‘Look, I guess it was around a quarter past seven because that’s about the time when I step out and walk up to the green.’

‘Is it true what everyone says?’ 

The experienced sleuth furrowed his thickset eyebrows as he half cocked his oval shaped head and looked squarely  at the man seated opposite him, studying the reaction his open ended question had posed.

‘What…er…what, what Sirrr…?’

Chacko very slowly lifted the index finger of his left hand and began to rub gently around the chin his ill kept salt and pepper beard around the chin.

‘That, he surmised, was by no means a natural stammer; slurring of this type revealed  a sudden bout of insecurity, even fear.

Call it instinct, or perhaps his years of experience culled from meeting with a range of suspects, but Chacko knew he was onto something here. He also knew that he had to tread very carefully herewith lest this rotund forty-something bespectacled man in rimless spectacles turned suspicious, and thereby incommunicado.

Picking his words carefully, the wily detective gently dropped his next question while at the same time keeping his hawkish eyes pinned down on his interviewee, “Mr John, is it true that you two, I mean you and the dead man’s wife are…sorry were very close, and this was much before you two got married to your respective spouses?”  

The question seemed to have knocked the gut out of John for almost instantly the colour drained out of his handsome face and as his shoulders stooped even as he simply stared down at the mattress below his feet, his eyes looking as if they had seen just seen the Devil himself.

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