KALEIDOSCOPE    (Two Minute Read)

three line tales week 130: acrylic paints

By Neel Anil Panicker

Her gaze fell downwards as each of the colours, every single one of them spread-eagled on the black tarmac floor glistened and turned iridescent with each flutter of the sun’s rays, its shine reflecting off the diamond shaped glass pebbles embedded onto the chic Italian marbles.

To Diana’s tear laden heart torn, the psychedelic rainbow colours in all their resplendent glory a.k.a.  some rain soaked peacock’s blissful dance in the dense jungles, seemed a soulless, heartless mockery of his damned monochromatic existence.

As she stood there, and just as it seemed she had reached life’s nadir, her sight soared upwards, and this time she saw a narrow slit in the roof and from it floated images of white clouds, and to her, they looked like amorphous heavenly fairies that floated by showering their benediction on lowly mortals, and then and then only did she realise, in a moment of epiphany that life is as colourful or as colourless one makes it out to be.

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Three Line Tales, Week 130

Three Line Tales, Week 130

2 thoughts on “neelwrites/kaleidoscope/ThreeLineTales/flash/shortstory/164words/26/07/2018

  1. Beautiful! Moments of revelation can change everything ahead.

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