By Neel Anil Panicker

“Ever played noughts and crosses?”

Jeevan looked at his father a tad quizzically.

‘Dad, what kind of a question is that?’

The extra twang while enunciating the last word with every syllabic sound stretching to it’s maximum meant Ethan hadn’t taken too kindly to such a silly query posed to him, especially when he was tearing his hair apart trying to figure out which Stream he should go in for__Science, Commerce, Arts, Humanities, or something else__ now that the spectre of college loomed large in front of him.

Unfazed, Dad continued, “Look son, success in life is much like that perennial childhood game that every kid worth his salt plays.

It’s not what academic course you choose, it’s what you do with it that matters. Do you do what most do, that is traverse the time tested straight path? Or, do you tread the unknown, the untrodden, the road that may be fraught with risks but one that is also immensely gratifying? Remember son, it’s not the game, it’s how you play it that matters.”

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FFfAW Challenge – 175th

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Week of 07-24 through 07-30-2018


4 thoughts on “neelwrites/crossingoutthecrosses/FFfAW/flash/shortstory/24/07/2018

  1. Jeevan’s dad seems to be very wise! Great story, Neel!


  2. You have laid bare the spirit of this game. Great take.


  3. michael1148humphris

    Dad sound a intelligent chap. I enjoyed how you told this story


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