July 19: Flash Fiction Challenge


By  Neel Anil Panicker

How do I know you’ll not do a Fannie Hooe on me?

“A who?”

Richard looked at his beau from across the window.

Overcome with emotion, he leaned forward and held Janet’s hands.

Her fingers had turned moist, just as her eyes.

I meant don’t do the disappearing act just like Fannie did eons ago.

The train’s giant wheels were already trudging forward.

As Richard’s hands slipped out of her fingers his parting words were, “Listen, I know not who or what this Fannie thing’s all about. All I know is we’re going to get married in six months”.

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#fannie #historicalfiction #shortstory

4 thoughts on “neelwrites/don’tdoafannie/flashfictionchallenge/shortstory/21/-7/2018

  1. Good writing, Neel! I love the idea of “don’t do a Fannie on me”!

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    1. Thanks Charli for the lovely prompt and the nice comments.

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  2. Fannie Hooe pulled a Houdini, so this makes sense. Good one.

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