HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS  (2 minute read)

By Neel Anil Panicker

It’s beaten and battered. It’s demeaning and dangerous. It’s inhuman and inhospitable.

But, still, it’s home. HOME with a capital H.

It’s Seelampur__the place of your birth, raised and razed, several times over.

It’s the place that holds all your memories; the place where you lost and found__everything from a home to family, to friends, to football.

Also love.

They__those bombastic guys who speak English with a twang and who walk around with a swagger and whose bodies reek of the best of eu de cologne, the kind who live in fancy multi storied houses and villas by the sea, and who zip around in fancy planes __all those spoilt brats who claim themselves to be Children of a Higher God__they say__theirs’ is life, that it’s they who live while others are doomed to a lifetime of misery and unhappiness.

I say, no. That they’re wrong; we’re right.

‘coz we’ve got one thing they may never ever possess.

We’ve got love.

And that, I say, is the greatest of all wealth.

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FFfAW Challenge – 174th

5 thoughts on “neelwrites/homeiswheretheheartis/FFfAW/flash/shortstory/175words/17/07/2018

  1. Despite the talk of love and home, I fear the rise of resistance in him, and where that can lead…

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  2. There’s a Jewish proverb from an ancient text called “The Ethics of the Fathers” that says, “Who is rich? He who is satisfied with his lot.”

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  3. Love is so much better than silver or gold. Wonderful story, Neel!

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  4. Love truly is the greatest of all wealth..lovely one Neel

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