By Neel Anil Panicker

The closest she had been to an airport was when, once as a child, while being whisked yet one more time from one large city (she doesn’t recall which one) to another, she had craned her neck out of the moving car windows and sighted the twenty feet high barbed wire walls and above it a plane__pure white, large, bird like__swoop down from the skies and disappear under the thick shade of tall cinder trees that lined the perimiters of the airport.

Since then, the child in her, all of seven years, had carried that fleeting moment and imagined all sorts of fanciful things, dreaming and spinning colourful yarns about men people waltzing into airports, getting onto planes, and scouring the skies, touching the clouds, reaching for the skies, meeting lovely humans, aliens et al.

A decade a half later when her dream turned true and she actually got a chance to enter an airport, so zapped was she by the visions that scorched her eyes, that she spent an entire day roaming all around it, devouring every inch of the glitzy surroundings, soaking, imbibing, feeling and internalising for herself the diverse sensory perceptions that wove their magic around her.

The mall-like feel, the gleamy white tiled floorings that reflected happy human faces; the all glass sound less elevators that led to glitrzy upper floors neatly segerated into dining, shopping, relaxation bays__each single detail was up for grabs and she peered and pored over them including the fancy chairs, tables, lights, even the mega all gold sculpted figure of a heavily bejewelled glistening jet black elephant that stood bang at the centre of the atrium.

So engrossed was she with her discoveries that she even forgot the purpsoe of her visit and the job that she had come to perform.

The realisation brought her firmly back to terra firma. Involuntarily, and with a tinge of sadness, her hands slided down her thick brown skirt and felt the slight bulge in her panties.

The life of a drug carrier was never too easy.



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4 thoughts on “neelwrites/takingoff/flashfictionforthepurposefulpractitioner/flashfiction/11/07/2018

  1. Between pat downs, see-through-your-clothes scanning machines, and drug dogs, I don’t think she’s going to make it.


  2. Nice surprise ending.


  3. A twisted ending I was taken by surprise. well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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