By Neel Anil Panicker

There was no leader. In fact all got to play leader. Up, several thousand feet above the earth, they would trade places, move in and out, shuffle back and forth, allowing each one the pride and joy of leading the pack sans any ego sans the megalomania that is the occupational disease that besets homo sapiens.

From her terrace, Asha watched with unalloyed pleasure at the non-stop parade of one majestic flock of birds after another, each flapping her wings and taking off; all__in no time__making perfect military V formations, the tinged reddish brown and sparkling yellow of their wings neatly slicing through the sky blue skies, sprouting forth bubbles of effervescent clouds.

The sight__a magnificent fluorescent trail of winged beauties, all floating away to their destinies__left behind heart warming images of an exquisitely choreographed heavenly dance.

As darkness descended and the birds and their antics became but a distant memory, Asha reluctantly dragged her feet downstairs.

It was back to the monotony, the drab and dreariness of human existence.

As she entered the hallway, her stepfather’s voice, coarse and cruel, slammed into her ears, “Come to my room and do as I command. Or else, your mother’s dead”.

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