By Neel Anil Panicker

‘She lacks discipline,’ Senior Authorised Flight Examiner Paulose Abraham exclaimed as he looked over at the two trainee cadets ambling towards the tarmac.

“Well, that may be true, but she’s definitely not lax in her duties. In fact she’s quite eager. Ever ready for a challenge. At least that’s how it was when she first walked into my office and enrolled for the flying course.”

Paulose lifted his custom made Ray Ban all black aviator glasses and squinted his eyes as the mid-afternoon sun lashed down at the metallic sheets of the hangar, the third among an array of five that stood some five meters from the western periphery of Haralanka Airport.

The senior pilot looked over at Flight Instructor Ashish Tripathi a tad amusedly, his eyes cringing into a smile, before replying, “To lift a bird is easy. Bringing it down is the tough part.”

Ashish opened his mouth to say something, when a voice from behind beat him to it.

“Sir, Trainee Pilot Sharmistha Chaturvedi reporting for duty. Awaiting orders, Sir.”

The two senior airmen looked at the 21-year-old trainee who stood smartly a few meters from them, a never before seen steely resolve accentuating the high cheek boned angular face that was brimming with a new found confidence.

Barely looking at his mate, the senior captain commanded, “Ok, go ahead. I guess you’re  ready to fly solo.”

Minutes later as the small plane took off into the skies and completed a couple of sorties, the two men walked over to their command office.

“I told you she’s got talent”, remarked  Ashish as he placed his official airman’s cap on the hanger.

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Saturday Mix – Double Take, 7 July 2018

lacks – does not have
lax – loose discipline


hangar – garage for airplanes
hanger – from which things hang

1 thought on “neelwrites/thisbirdcanfly/saturdaymix-doubletake/shortstory/flash/07/07/2018

  1. Actually, bringing a bird down is easy, too. The hard part is bringing it down alive.


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