By Neel Anil Panicker

It was their go to place. The hangout place where the two would meet every single day, every single moment the two were able to steal for themselves.

There, a few hundred meters away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach area, the one which’s choc-a-bloc with eveningers, regular Kochi denizens __couples out on a stroll with kiddies in tow, college youngsters lapping up the sea waves, daring one another for a swim, diving into froth filled waters of the sand blasted sea___, they would retreat to their own private corner, a decrepit wooden boat long past its halcyon fishing days.

There, the two dark shadows, would then clamber aboard its half broken planks, and make love for hours under the starry skies.

Two people, madly in love, reaching out in the moonlit dark, connecting bodies and souls, snatching precious moments, living life to the full.

“We’re married, you know that?”, he had said when they had first felt the stirrings of something deeper than mere feelings, a couple of months ago.

In reply Aparna had texted him__a daring message, “Yes, and to different persons. But then, is that a bother?”

Reading the emoji driven text four cubicles away, he had understood the rhetorical nature of the message and reciprocated with a red flaming heart.

“Raj, I will not give you up, ever”, she was saying, her index finger pencilling a ‘V’ around his curly haired chest.

A silvery beam of light fell on her face, accentuating the high cheek boned face.

She was smiling, he noticed. The same edgy smile she hurled when she wanted to say something big, drop a bombshell.

His heart on a beat, he waited for its deliverance.

“Darling, it’s time we kill our respective spouses”.

Momentarily taken aback, he looked into her hazel eyes, sparkling like bottled red wine.

There was no turning away now, that much he knew.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/forbiddenfruit/WritePhoto/flash/fiction/shortstory/03/07/2018

  1. I knew there would be a dark twist…. 🙂


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