By Neel Anil Panicker

Maria craned her neck out from her cabin window and her eyes fell on the distant horizon as ten feet below her the amber dusk reflected its sombre darkness on the limpid waters; the silhouette of the ship’s massive hull cutting through the eddying waters of the midnight ocean.

The events of the past week skirted through her mindscape like one colourful kaleidoscope and she soon found herself swimming in the high tide of emotions as her body, mind and soul transported into the heavenly world that she had lived in and experienced.

The incessant wails of the ship’s siren forced her back to reality and as she extricated herself from the comfy comforts of the luxury liner and lined up along with other holiday revellers waiting to deboard ship, she realized with numbing intensity that some dreams, even if they last for a mere week, are worth their weight in gold.

#neelanilpanicker #ThreeLineTales #flashfiction #shortstory #152words

Three Line Tales, Week 126


Three Line Tales, Week 126

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